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Catering & Parties

Michael Schwartz Events delivers an experience of genuine hospitality in chef-curated food, seamless production and thoughtful service for memorable occasions.

Full service, from planning and menus, to decor and staffing, by the James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Schwartz. From birthday parties to corporate events, Michael Schwartz Events is ready to make your next in-restaurant or off-site event spectacular with customizable menus, mobile wood oven, décor and experienced staff.


Keep the entertaining that way too during the busy holiday months with pizza and other Genuine specialties served fresh and hot from our Mobile Wood Oven at home, only available through Michael Schwartz Events. Email lindsay@michaelschwartzevents.com for the rig’s availability and to ask about customizable menus!


James Beard Award Winning Chef, and cookbook author, Michael Schwartz is the face of the South Florida restaurant industry and a nationally recognized celebrity chef.

From rentals and production to delicious food, our team will maximize your budget and capture your look for a genuinely memorable wedding.


Chef is ready to teach you how to make genuine pizza from dough to table, with a meal along the way. Make your own pies, with toppings just the way you want them and enjoy dinner in good company. All brought to you by Michael Schwartz Events. Interested in booking a pizza-making experience at one of our pizzerias or at home with our mobile oven? Let us know what you have in mind!

Let our chefs roll up to your party with pizza or a menu made for what Michael Schwartz does best, wood oven roasted specialties.